Welcome to SolarView™ Home, the monitoring system for residential solar installations that puts the homeowner in charge.

Your solar energy system can be out of service and you may not realize it for days, weeks, or months, and that costs you money. It’s crucial to ensure that your solar energy system is always in peak operating condition. Solar energy systems represent a large investment – one of the largest investments a homeowner can make, but unlike most home investments this one can pay for itself and turn a profit for years to come. By keeping your system in top condition, your break-even point will arrive sooner and you will be less likely to be surprised by a larger than expected reconciliation bill from your electric company. This is true whether you own your solar panels and inverter, you lease them, or you have a PPA contract. SolarView will help you to avoid surprise bills from your electric company that can run into the hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

With SolarView, you no longer need to rely on third parties to notify you of a problem. Some of these third parties may have interests that conflict with yours, so they may not be as motivated as you are to keep a watchful eye on the energy production coming from your solar power installation.

SolarEdge provides a powerful web site and useful app for examining the status of your solar energy system, however these tools are not proactive like Solarview. The SolarEdge web site and app require you to log in to the site or the app and you need to manually refresh data and look for problems. In other words, you have to manually monitor your system or rely on a third party to do it for you hoping they will be accurate, thorough, and prompt. SolarView automates this process and removes the middle man. SolarView checks up on your solar energy system for you around the clock and throughout the year, proactively notifying you of any detected issues.

SolarView updates your status every 15 minutes during daylight hours, and hourly at night. You don’t need to log in to anything, tie up your phone with a dedicated app, or wade through a slow and complex web site.  SolarView gives you an “always visible” dashboard, and will notify you of any problems by email and text message so you will be immediately aware of any issues no matter where you are in the world. If you turn your computer off or put it to sleep, there is no need to worry. Included with your monthly subscription, we at SolarView Technologies also keep an eye on your solar status even when you don’t, and will notify you automatically by email or text of any detected issues even if you take your personal SolarView dashboard offline.

Further, your SolarView monitor will notify you of anomalies that aren’t even detected or reported by the SolarEdge web site and app, and most likely would not be reported to you by your solar provider.

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