Press Release: SolarView Technologies Releases Monitoring App for iOS and Windows

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SolarView Technologies™ Releases Monitoring App for iOS and Windows

Award winning solar monitoring app now available on Android, iOS, and Windows


Menifee, CA, March 24, 2022 —   The award-winning SolarView home solar monitoring mobile app, available on Android since 2021, has now been released for both iOS and Windows. With these new releases, SolarView is now easily accessible to SolarEdge users worldwide on their choice of platform. The SolarView app is in use by customers in 28 countries in five continents.

The unique features that made SolarView’s Android app so popular, including proactive detection of SolarEdge system failures, and the ability to monitor actual energy production against the promises made by solar installers, are now available on the new platforms. “The apps are feature-identical on Android, iOS, and Windows versions,” said Dave Wood, Director of Product Design. “The app is designed to be multi-platform, which means there won’t be a ‘superior’ app on one platform and an ‘inferior’ one on another. Fixes and features added to one automatically apply to the others as well, and new releases are synchronized.” Wood went on to explain that the only distinctions are minor operational and cosmetic differences due to the underlying operating systems.

SolarView is the only monitoring system for SolarEdge systems that is truly proactive. Other monitoring apps require the user to manually check their systems over and over again to ensure proper operation, and usually don’t even report outages or fault conditions. As a result, homeowners may go for months with a system that is not generating electricity, and would never know about it until they receive an unexpected big electric bill from their utility.

The internet is rife with solar horror stories and complaints from homeowners who have been hit with surprise, sometimes massive bills from their electric utility companies as a result of faulty solar energy systems. Whether due to failure of panels, optimizers, inverters, or other components, homeowners usually have no idea if their system is malfunctioning. Days, weeks, or even months may go by before a homeowner becomes aware of a problem.

One such homeowner, whose complaint was filed with the Better Business Bureau and is found online, described his ordeal with a giant electric bill.

“I received an Edison bill 4 weeks ago, October 2019, for $3500.00 and was informed by Edison that my solar panels had been off since April 2019… I spoke with (my solar company) who confirmed my system went down in April and that she could see I had never logged into (the manufacturer’s web site I had no idea that my system was ever down.”

While solar manufacturers collect data on system production and failures and may make that information available by a web site or app, constantly checking such a site is inconvenient and impractical. SolarView proactively checks status every 15 minutes so that homeowners don’t have to log in to anything. SolarView continuously updates the SolarView Desktop app and sends out daily and monthly production reports by email and text.

Other homeowners complain that their solar energy systems do not produce the amount of electricity promised by the solar installer sales team.

“When we signed the contract, it said the panels would cover 88%… that was until my bills started to come and we realized the panels are not working even to 50%.”

SolarView tracks energy production month by month and compares it against the promises made by the installer. It even accounts for the deterioration of solar panels over time. Each month the homeowner receives a report by email or text message summarizing how closely actual production matched up to the pre-sales promises. Armed with this information, the homeowner can ensure that the installer addresses its contractual obligations.

The SolarEdge app is free to use for basic self-monitoring. Full functionality, including proactive monitoring features, are available by subscription at a cost of about 10 cents per day. The app may be downloaded from the SolarView download page.


SolarView Technologies™ was founded in 2019 with the specific purpose of providing solar homeowners with insight into their solar energy systems. With the rapid growth of solar installations, more and more homeowners find themselves in need of a mechanism for keeping an eye on their energy production and keeping their solar installer company honest. SolarView Home Monitor™ fulfills those needs. The current version of SolarView Home Monitor supports SolarEdge inverters. The desktop app runs on any Windows-based computer.

SolarEdge is the worldwide market share leader in residential solar energy systems.