Press Release: SolarView Technologies Releases Monitoring System for Solar Homeowners

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SolarView Technologies™ Releases Monitoring System for Solar Homeowners

SolarView Delivers Continuous, Automated Solar Monitoring to Your Desktop and Phone


Menifee, CA, April 20, 2020 —   With the release of SolarView Home Monitor™, SolarView Technologies empowers solar homeowners to take charge of their energy production and electric bills. SolarView Home Monitor provides continuous, proactive automated monitoring of residential solar systems so the homeowner won’t be shocked by large utility bills and will always know if their solar installer is meeting their contractual obligations.

The internet is rife with solar horror stories and complaints from homeowners who have been hit with surprise, sometimes massive bills from their electric utility companies as a result of faulty solar energy systems. Whether due to failure of panels, optimizers, inverters, or other components, homeowners usually have no idea if their system is malfunctioning. Days, weeks, or even months may go by before a homeowner becomes aware of a problem.

One such homeowner, whose complaint was filed with the Better Business Bureau and is found online, described his ordeal with a giant electric bill.

“I received an Edison bill 4 weeks ago, October 2019, for $3500.00 and was informed by Edison that my solar panels had been off since April 2019… I spoke with (my solar company) who confirmed my system went down in April and that she could see I had never logged into (the manufacturer’s web site I had no idea that my system was ever down.”

While solar manufacturers collect data on system production and failures and may make that information available by a web site or app, constantly checking such a site is inconvenient and impractical. SolarView proactively checks status every 15 minutes so that homeowners don’t have to log in to anything. SolarView continuously updates the SolarView Desktop app and sends out daily and monthly production reports by email and text.

Other homeowners complain that their solar energy systems do not produce the amount of electricity promised by the solar installer sales team.

“When we signed the contract, it said the panels would cover 88%… that was until my bills started to come and we realized the panels are not working even to 50%.”

SolarView tracks energy production month by month and compares it against the promises made by the installer. It even accounts for the deterioration of solar panels over time. Each month the homeowner receives a report by email or text message summarizing how closely actual production matched up to the pre-sales promises. Armed with this information, the homeowner can ensure that the installer addresses its contractual obligations.

“Homeowners spend a lot of money on their solar energy systems, and they have a right to know they are getting what they paid for,” said Dave Wood, SolarView Technologies’ Director of Product Design. “The data is there, but the homeowners can’t easily get to it. And if they do get to it, it’s just raw numbers that don’t mean much to them. SolarView delivers the data to the homeowners so they don’t need to find it. SolarView presents the data in an understandable, actionable way so the homeowners can be sure they are getting the energy production they were promised.”

The SolarView service and desktop app delivers 24/7/365 monitoring to homeowners for less than 35 cents per day. A free 7-day trial is offered at the SolarView web site at No credit card is required to download the free trial.


SolarView Technologies™ was founded in 2019 with the specific purpose of providing solar homeowners with insight into their solar energy systems. With the rapid growth of solar installations, more and more homeowners find themselves in need of a mechanism for keeping an eye on their energy production and keeping their solar installer company honest. SolarView Home Monitor™ fulfills those needs. The current version of SolarView Home Monitor supports SolarEdge inverters. The desktop app runs on any Windows-based computer.



Download full release in PDF format.