Step 1: Register your SolarEdge site with SolarView

In order to use the SolarView app, you must register your SolarEdge site with SolarView. It will be easiest if you do this prior to installing the app.



Step 2: Download the SolarView app for your preferred device

The FREE app displays core data, graphs, and information about your SolarEdge solar energy system. Click one of the links below:


Step 3: Subscribe to, or Buy, SolarView Service

With our optional 24/7 proactive monitoring service we do the monitoring for you. SolarView will keep track of your production and provide you with daily and monthly reports sent to you by email and via mobile notifications. We will also notify you of any detected errors, faults, or other anomalies in your SolarEdge system. Your app will have no restrictions or advertisements. Learn more about paid license features.

Subscribe  One Time Purchase


Release Notes

You can review a summary of SolarView release notes here.