Why user SolarView instead of the SolarEdge app?

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Sometimes we are asked why one might prefer the SolarView app when SolarEdge provides its own app. The question is a reasonable one, and the answer comes down to what you want out of the app.

Use the free SolarEdge app if you want to:

  • Manually check on your current system production from time to time
  • Review production graphs by day, week, or month.

Use the free SolarView app if you ALSO want to:

  • Have inverter system errors and faults displayed and highlighted in the app
  • Have your production status automatically updated while on display instead of having to manually refresh the display. (This works best in a multi-window, multi-tasking environment such as Microsoft Windows, or Samsung Dex on an Android tablet, where you can keep the SolarView app continuously on display alongside other programs and apps.)

Use the SolarView Basic subscription if you ALSO want to:

  • Keep track of actual production versus the production promised by your solar company to make sure you are getting what you paid for
  • Generate custom production reports at specified date ranges and data granularities
  • Produce both graphic and tabular formats
  • Export the data, e.g. for use in Excel

Use the SolarView Proactive subscription if you ALSO want to:

  • Receive proactive daily reports of production results, by email or device notifications
  • Receive proactive monthly results of production and surplus / deficit versus expected results, by email or device notifications
  • Receive proactive alerts of inverter system errors and faults, by email or device notifications
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