SolarView Site Registration


(Please contact us for help at if you have difficulty with registration. If you are unable to register, it is because SolarEdge is rejecting your API key, probably because you missed a step in the process described below.)

For easiest setup, first register your SolarEdge site with SolarView. This is a simple process (demonstrated in the video below) of logging in to your SolarEdge account, navigating to the administration page, clicking buttons to create and save an "API Key", and then copying the Site ID and API Key and pasting them into the registration fields below.

See further below for more detailed instructions.

Please Note: After creating this key on the SolarEdge web site, you MUST click Save on that site before you submit the key here, otherwise it won't work with SolarView!

Why we need this: Your email address is used for SolarView alerts, reports, and support, not for marketing. It will never be shared with a third party.

To register a site with SolarView, you need to obtain the SolarEdge "Site ID" and "API Key" for that site. You can obtain these by logging in to your SolarEdge web site account.

Important: The API key can only be obtained by logging in to the SolarEdge web site (  from a Windows or Mac desktop browser as shown in the video below. The option is not available from a browser on your phone or mobile device.


See below for detailed written instructions.

Step by Step Instructions:

Step 1: From a Windows or Mac computer (not your phone), log in to your SolarEdge account at

Step 2: Obtain your Site ID and API key from the SolarEdge site by going to Admin / Site Access / API Access, as shown in the animation below. Important: you must click Save to save the API key before it will be valid to use.

Step 3: Enter the entire Site ID and API Key in the form above, and click Submit. We also ask for your email address so that we can help you if needed. (Please note that the API Key is 32 characters, which may be more than are visible on the screen. Select and copy the entire 32 character API Key).

Step 4: Go to the SolarView app and enter the Site ID and API key on the Edit Site List screen. Note that for this step you will only need to enter the first five characters of the API key.

If you have any difficulty with these steps, you are invited to contact us at for assistance.

(Click for larger animation)